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All of our sofas are as comfy as they look, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Pop into one of our 26 stores, nationwide and a proper feel for your new sofa. We want you to take your time, put your feet up and try as many different styles, sizes and finishes as you like, until you find the one that’s just right for you. We’ll get the kettle on…

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Neal on a sofa

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Carmelo New Jive Mira

classic & chic

"If you're looking for a sofa with timeless appeal we've pulled together our pick of classic styles that ooze understated elegance."

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Eyre Sandringham New Molinari

spring into colour

"Make a style statement with a pop of colour. Transform the look of your living space with a bright and beautiful accent piece."

view spring colour »
Rosso New Pop Regent

sleek & stylish

"If you love contemporary chic then these modern styles are a must-have. Clean lines, smart shapes and cool colours in an array of leather and fabric."

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Wow from only £399

Wow collection

Introducing the The Wow range, our pick of comfy sofas at even comfier prices, starting from as little as £399.

view the wow collection »

with you in a week

need it in a hurry? here’s just a few of the sofas that can be in your home in 7 days

Comfy Interest Free payments Take up to 4 years interest free credit

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0800 140 40 40

was it good for you Neal?

everything is comfy about our sofas, especially the price

we're pretty laid back about most things, but when it comes to selecting our sofas we don't mess about. We travel the world looking for new and exclusive designs we think you'll love. To make the grade they've got to be stylish, comfortable, durable and we've got to be able to offer them to you at a lower price than anything comparable elsewhere. It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it.

wow it's £999

exclusive and better value

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