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To order by phone, please use 0800 140 40 40
For online enquiries, please use the contact us form.
For customer service, please use 08444 81 81 81

Your order

When placing your order, we will take you through the product and our services giving you all of the relevant information required, including maintenance and care instructions.

Once completed, your order forms part of a legally binding contract between you and Sofaworks. It cannot be cancelled by either party without penalty.

Payment Information


Placing an order requires a minimum 10% deposit unless part of a low deposit finance agreement.

Goods must be paid in full or appropriate finance agreed prior to booking your delivery.

Goods will remain the property of the company until such time as payment is made in full or where approved and executed finance is in place.

Finance agreements:

All finance is subject to status. We make an application on your behalf through one or more finance providers at the point of order. They will then execute all necessary credit checks and will return an approved or declined status. Sofaworks have no influence over the outcome of these checks.

Orders will be placed and goods allocated only after finance is approved. Some agreements may be delayed whilst status is checked, this process is called referral.

Once approved, your credit agreement forms part of a legally binding contract, regardless of whether a deposit has been paid. This means that by entering into such an agreement, you are obliged to pay the specified amount on the dates set out in the agreement until the order has been paid in full.

Transferring payment on an order from cash or credit card to a finance agreement after the date of purchase is at the discretion of Sofaworks and subject to status and approval. There may be a minimum value below which finance cannot be provided. This will vary according to each finance provider.

Buy Now, Pay Later:

This is a form of credit agreement where a deposit is paid at the time of order with the remaining balance paid at a later date. We operate this with up to a 12-month payment holiday.

These agreements require full final payment in cash on or before the due date to the provider. Failure to do so will automatically result in an interest bearing credit agreement thereafter.

If the balance is cleared before the payment holiday expires, no interest charges will apply.

There may be a minimum value below which finance cannot be provided. This will vary according to each finance provider.

Delivery to an address other than that of the cardholder or collection from a distribution centre.

For delivery to an address other than that of the cardholder all outstanding balances must be paid, either by cash or secure Chip and PIN card payment.

Where a finance agreement is in place for full or part payment of the order, identification and an electronic signature must be provided to allow delivery to a different address than the one on the agreement.

Not all finance providers support the option of delivery to an address other than that on the agreement. Please be aware that this may limit your options in obtaining credit.

What if you make a mistake?

What if it won't fit?

It is you responsibility to ensure that your new furniture will fit into your home. Please check access routes, door sizes and corridors prior to ordering your furniture.

If we are unable to deliver your furniture but access is viable, our standard policy is to attempt a second delivery with a second team of delivery drivers as there are several ways to approach the installation and every team is different.

In cases where access is totally restricted we will not attempt redelivery and will ask you to reselect.

Change of order pre-delivery:

We understand that in some cases our customers need to amend or change their order. This is free to do within 48 hours of placing your order. Please contact the store you purchased from to advise of any changes.

After 48 hours if you wish to change your order details there will be an administrative charge. This is to cover reprocessing your order and restocking products that cannot be cancelled with the supplier.

Web orders and distance selling regulations.

The following rules apply only to orders fulfilled from non-bespoke stock. Items made to your specification are subject to the same rules as a store purchase.

A majority of our products are made to order, as a guideline, if your order delivery quote is greater than 4 weeks then it is likely to be a bespoke item and as such will not be subject to cancellation without charge.

Web orders placed from non-bespoke stock fall under the distance selling regulations in the UK. This means that they are subject to a 7-day return or exchange policy.

Where goods are cancelled or exchanged under the distance selling regulations there will be a charge for delivery and collection. Please contact our customer experience team if you feel that you would like to exchange or return your furniture.


If you feel you have made the wrong choice or that your furniture might not fit we’re committed to helping you find an alternative solution including a reselection of furniture, change of combination or amending your method of payment.

Where we cannot reach a resolution and cancellation is the only option, 30% of the order value will be retained to cover administration costs. This fee can be used as part or full payment for replacement furniture for up to 6 months after cancellation of an order.

Cancellation is not available after delivery with the exception of web orders from non-bespoke stock (which is covered under distance selling regulations). In this instance the cancellation charge will not be applied but there will be charges for delivery and collection.

Best price guarantees:

We offer a two-part guarantee, exclusive to Sofaworks and designed to ensure that you pay the best price for your furniture at that time.

These offers are applicable only to new furniture and exclude both reduced to clear, or refurbished products

Price Match:

We guarantee that you can't find the same item advertised for less in any other store. Should you do so, we will refund the difference plus an additional 10% up to and including the day of delivery.

This price promise requires you to prove that another retailer can both readily supply the exact same product made by the same original manufacturer and also to provide proof of the price.

Price and availability will be verified with the supplier before the price match is completed.

Price reduction protection

We’re committed to offering you the best price for your sofa at all times. If we reduce your sofa within 6 months of purchase we will automatically refund you the difference. Please note this excludes stock clearance.

Service & Complaints:

When to contact a store with an issue

Stores can help you with questions and queries prior to delivery of your goods. They can assist you with payment queries, questions about delivery or the product itself. If you need to change your order, the store can action this but only up until delivery, after which time our customer experience team should be your first point of contact.

Service and repair under your warranty:

Our customer experience team is on hand to assist with any issues you may experience with your furniture. As a handmade product, upholstery can require service from time to time. Our nationwide team of fully trained technicians can rectify most issues in a single visit.

The need for service can be avoided through correct care and maintenance of your furniture, which will be explained at the point of sale

Service and repair out of warranty:

We can offer repairs at highly competitive rates and will do so on any product purchased from us. Unfortunately we do not offer service on furniture supplied elsewhere.

Our nationwide team of highly skilled upholstery technicians can offer fabric & leather upholstery repair, often in your own home.

Please contact our customer experience team to discuss your needs and to book a visit. We charge a standard call out fee and will endeavor to resolve all issues in a single call out. In some cases there may be an additional excess time charge and fee for any parts required to complete the repair.

Reduced to clear furniture:

Clearance furniture

In most cases our Clearance products are ex-display furniture that has been used for demonstration in one of our retail stores. It is reduced to reflect that it is not in new condition and will have had some wear in the store.

Clearance furniture is processed before delivery at one of our distribution centres where it will be thoroughly inspected and undergo any repairs (if required) prior to delivery.

When buying clearance furniture it is important to note that the furniture on display will not always be the furniture received. This furniture is offered for sale in specific combinations from a pool of stock held both at stores and at our distribution centres.

Clearance furniture is fast moving and is sold subject to availability on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. It is also subject to location of a particular clearance item, so we will require your postcode in order to assess the availability.

Refurbished furniture:

Refurbished furniture is available in store only and is ‘sold as seen’. This means that you are purchasing the items on display and so should inspect them for suitability before purchasing. Refurbished furniture will have at some point, been in a customers home and returned either by reason of fault or reselection.

Refurbished furniture is usually heavily discounted to reflect its condition. It may have had remedial refurbishment or repairs carried out and in most cases will not be in new condition.


What if I can't take delivery when agreed?

When you place an order, we will ask you to confirm the earliest possible date that you can accept your furniture. We refer to this as your Earliest Customer Acceptance (ECA) date and once set, it cannot be amended or delayed.

The ECA means that you agree to take delivery within 7 days of your goods becoming available. Should your goods arrive prior to your ECA date we will hold them up to that date and 7 days beyond free of charge.

If you cannot accept delivery 7 days after your ECA date, a storage charge will be incurred. This fee is calculated as a daily charge and storage is only available for a maximum of 21 days (7 days free storage and up to 14 days chargeable storage). Any charges must be paid in advance, with a new delivery date set at the point of payment.

Goods exceeding the maximum storage time will be restocked and made available for resale. Replacement furniture may need to be re-ordered as new from supplier. This does not negate storage charges, which then become chargeable on top of the new order.

What if my delivery is delayed?

Occasionally, delivery of goods can be delayed. There are a number of factors that can influence this and in the event of a delay we will endeavor to provide you with regular updates on progress.

Prolonged delays

If delivery is delayed or we forecast that it will be delayed for a prolonged period, we will offer you the option to reselect an alternative product.

Our On Time Delivery Guarantee means that if we are unable to deliver your order 7 days or more past your quotation (and subject to your ECA date having passed) you will be automatically entitled to a £50 reduction in your order value.

Your guarantees:

Guarantees are not transferable and rights to make a claim remain only with the original purchaser.

sofashield Service:

For queries about sofashield please contact Castelan on 0870 320 0333.

Business users

Our warranties cover domestic use only. Goods purchased for commercial use are covered by a statutory 12-month warranty only.

For commercial use, we cannot accept any responsibility or liability for safety standards or compliance where we have not specifically supplied safety certification in writing for use of the product in that environment.

Sofashield services are not available to commercial and business users.

Care & Maintenance requirements:

Once delivery of the sofa has been made the care and maintenance of the sofa is the responsibility of the customer.

Leather and fabric needs regular cleaning to keep the sofa in the best condition the store team will advise the best cleaning process for your sofa.

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